Channing Walton

Channing has two decades of software architecture, design and development experience in financial markets, investment banking, internet technologies, media, and academic research. He specialises in agile methods and functional programming.

After obtaining a degree in Electronics and the University of Kent at Canterbury in 1989, Channing did a masters and PhD in high optical communications, also at Kent. He moved to London and worked on electronics and optics for detectors at the Atmospheric Physics Lab at University College London, and after a couple of years continued research in high speed optical communications.

Having always had an interest in software, Channing started working with Java in 1995 and went to Canon Research Europe to join their internet research group. Later, after a few years in the OOP wilderness, Channing switched to Scala in 2008 and helped its adoption in several banks in London.

He has also given talks at Skills Matter, ScalaDays, Brunel University and a number of banks about Scala.